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Dedicated to providing a range of art classes, workshops, and community events.

Art Changes Everything


The Northwest Art Center (NWAC) is dedicated to providing a range of art classes, workshops, and community events designed to engage the Snoqualmie Valley community in visual art as well as the creative process. We provide a space where students, artists, and art supporters can connect and create.


The Northwest Art Center enhances lives by teaching the value of art, ideas, expression and creativity through quality visual art education for all ages and abilities.

NWAC staff are dedicated to providing a supportive environment where artists of all ages and experience levels can grow and create. Whether you have dreams of becoming a professional artist or want to benefit from the experience of art education, NWAC will provide the tools you need.

The Northwest Art Center is the only non-profit arts organization of its kind dedicated to supporting the rural Eastside. We believe that everyone should have access to quality art education. We also work to foster support for the arts in our community through outreach and public art experiences. We strive to keep art alive in the Snoqualmie Valley and beyond!

It’s impossible to conceive of a world without art. Every chair, every table starts with a designer. Art changes everything.

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