November 2020

November 19, 2020
We are reducing services
The Board has decided to drastically reduce our services as of December 31st to conserve our resources with the hope of reopening in the new year.   We are having to shut down all in-person classes as of the end of November and no new programs will be added as of January 1st.   We are hunkering down until COVID-19 is fully clear and our county is back to a normal operating phase.

If you have any outstanding pottery to drop off or pick up the absolute deadline is: December 7th by 4pm. 

All pick ups and drop offs will be at Rustic Cabin Coffee on Main Street.

We will have no employees at NWAC to process pottery after winter break for the foreseeable future.

Please Consider Donating to us!

NWAC has lost over $75,000 in programming income from March thru October since we have had to shut things down due to COVID-19 restrictions. While we have gained some direct donations since March and a few grant wins and a PPPL which helped pay a few teachers for a few months and pay the rent for a month or two.  All of that was and is not enough to compensate for our losses.

Thank you to all who have donated in the past!

We are shutting down as much of our overhead as possible to go into a sort of hibernation mode and conserve our resources.   Please consider donating to us to help us keep our rent covered and insurance paid.


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