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Executive Director

Pam Martin (August 2019-present)

Reporting to the Board of Directors, the Executive Director (ED) will have overall strategic and operational responsibility for Northwest Art Center’s (NWAC) staff, programs, expansion, and execution of its mission. They will develop deep knowledge of field, core programs, operations, and business plans. An excellent executive director is an influential manager with the ability to lead and motivate. They have great communication skills and take a holistic approach to managing the organization’s operations.

The goal is to manage and lead the organization towards the realization of the mission.

Pam will focus on Program & Staff Development with a willingness to be the public speaker for NWAC.

Introducing Pam Martin, in her words:

As an artist, I’ve been creating since I was a young child. Growing up in the Pacific Northwest gave me a great appreciation for the outdoors, wildlife and especially the ocean. I’ve always imagined the magical world that exists in the deep waters whether it is mermaids enjoying tea with sea otters, or seals dancing a waltz. I love to tap into a magical and whimsical world though my art and to take my viewer where imagination is limitless. I am currently working on illustrating and writing for children’s books.

Being involved with the Northwest Art Center for the last fourteen years has kept my passion for art and creativity alive and growing! I have been a volunteer, a student, an instructor and am excited to now step into the role as co-excecutive director with Alison Hawkins. I look forward to continuing to partner with our many volunteers, students,  teachers and community partners to carry out our mission –  enhancing lives by teaching the value of art, ideas, expression and creativity through quality visual art education for all ages and abilities.

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Top 7 Things The Executive Director Does For NWAC

1. Executive Responsibilities
2. Program Planning and Implementation
3. Staff Supervision, Development, and Evaluation
4. Financial Management
5. Community outreach and art stewardship
6. Fundraising & Grant Writing
7. Other duties as assigned by the Board of Directors


Past Executive Directors

Alison Hawkins, Interim ED March 2019 – August 2019  Co-Executive Director with Pam Marting  August 1019 - November 2020

Alison focused on Operations & Facilities Management and really enjoyed working closely with Pam as Co-ED.  Alison has been a part of NWAC for 10 years and has been the behind the scenes person quietly making things run.  In her own words:

“I’m thrilled that Pam agreed to split this ED work with me!  We have a great working relationship and I know that our solid teamwork will keep NWAC running smoothly.  We all have many hats to wear in this nonprofit!  I know we will work well together and with the staff and the Board to acheive even greater things for NWAC in the short and long term. “

Nadja Wilson, ED 2016-(March) 2019

Nadja Wilson was our Executive Director and Digital Arts technology teacher from 2015 to March 2019.

“It is amazing to grow this small but mighty art school. Through community partnerships we are offering more art and creative experiences for all ages and abilities than ever before. Thank you to all the individuals and organizations who are united in a strong passion for fostering creativity in our rural community.”

Brandi Painter, Interim ED (Volunteer) 2013-2015

Susan Jenkins, Founder and ED from 2009-2013