Community Art Events

FREE Art events in Duvall and surrounding communities

We live in a wonderful art-loving community and we're always happy to participate and help other local organizations to continue to foster that love of art here in the valley.

Here are just a few of the events that we participate in below. Be sure to follow us on Facebook to find out more details as these events happen!

Thank you to 4 Culture for providing us grants so that we can provide these FREE art experiences in our community!

Free Community Art Day

NWAC offers FREE guided and independent art projects every 4th Saturday of the month from 1-4pm (check Facebook to see if it's running as it's dependent on volunteer power to run) , as a way of thanking our community for their continued support!  Let’s gather and heal through creativity at NWAC!!!

June, 2022 - Facebook event

May, 2022 - Facebook event

April, 2022 - Facebook post

March, 2022 - Facebook post

Cedarcrest High School Annual Art Show

We have partnered with the High School Art Club over the years, helping them with all the things that go along with putting on a free art show. The kids manage the whole process, from creating the concept and art direction to the marketing materials to set up and hanging art and labels. It's a big deal and a big event that they always rock!

Facebook album for Control / Chaos 2019 and Facebook Event link

Facebook Event Page for Connections 2018

Facebook Album from 2017 SENSEations

Facebook event page for HUEmanity 2016

Duvall Foundation for the Arts:
SandBlast Festival of the Arts

Facebook Page for SandBlast

Every year we host a free art booth that ties into a theme for SandBlast. We always have fun!

Facebook album from 2018 - making Rain Sticks

Facebook album - making flower prints 2017

Facebook post for making magnets 2016

Facebook post for 2015's free wind chimes

March of the Vegetables

Facebook page for March of the Vegetables

We love helping out with March of the Vegetables event! Our carrot car races are all the rage - what a fun free activity!

Carrot Car races 2019 on Facebook

Carrot Car Races on Facebook 2018

Facebook post for Marching Stick craft night (free!) in 2017